About Our Company

8bit Beaver takes pride in its customer-oriented work. Each project is tailor fitted for each client meaning no two websites are the same.


Our Short Story

It started with two people: A father and son with a drive for web development. Having been in the industry for 10 years, we noticed that websites are getting more costly and the smaller businesses don’t really have the budget to keep up with the costs of website design and creation. We know people that have great business potential but don’t have the platform and means to market it online. We thought” Why not use our skills and talent and help these people out?”

With a goal to make website design development a more affordable solution, 8Bit Beaver Studios was born. 

8bit Beaver - Web Design and Development Company in Philippines

Professional Websites Without the Big Expenses

A website design and development company based in Baguio City, 8bit Beaver offers its services to small and medium enterprises that want professional websites without the big expenses. We want to help people make their businesses grow. With years of experience, great quality is maintained even with a smaller budget.



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